Friday 29 February 2008

Sierra Nevada de Cocuy

I've just returned from a fabulous 5 day trek around the Sierra Nevada de Cocuy. A high altitude trek, all above 4000m with 8 passes over 4300m. Very spectacular peaks, amazing flora and wonderful weather. I didn´t see anyone for the 5 days, my own 'Cien Horas de la Soledad' - a unique moment to be up there alone and ranks up there with my other solo treks in the Ruwenzoris or 'Mountains of the Moon' (East Africa) 1990 and Kangshung/Karma valleys(Tibetan Himalaya)2005.
Hope you like the images....

A self-portrait with bemused and silly smile inside the tent. Looking very grizzly, sun-dried and tired.

Climate Change in the Andes - A Sad Note
El Paso del Castillo 4600m. In the 1990´s this pass was blocked by a large glacier, running down to this lake. Global warming has now reduced this glacier to a small cap on the peak, a pattern repeated in all the equatorial zones of the world. A sad indictment on our Pursuit of Crappiness.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Pedro, This looks fantastic..hope you don't run into the Gov't troops or the Venezuelanos moving across the border under order from Chavez. This reminds me of walking around Merida (in Venezuela) near where that plane went down recently. Keep well :o)