Sunday 30 March 2008

The Life Cycle of the Guinea Pig

I cycled out of Ipiales this afternoon to have a look at the famous sanctuary of Las Lajas. The main attraction though for me were the restaurants in a small indigenous barrio along the way. They were selling the local delicacy cuy, or roast guinea pig. If you remember the names of your pet guinea pigs in the past or don´t like meat on a stick, go onto the next post.

I´ve eaten cuy (pronounced 'kwee') in Andean Peru, where it´s a favourite among the Quechuans. It tastes much like chicken and is very tender. The sign was just before the pass into Pasto, which has a large indigenous population, hence the appetite for our little furry friends.

In fact the guinea pig was domesticated in Andean regions about 5000 years ago and provided all those great civilisations from Chavin to Incan with a good source of protein. It only became a pet when the Spanish returned to Europe with the cuddly creatures. Queen Elizabeth 1 even had one of the prized pets. So please don´t be too sensitive and squyamish.

Delicious Grilled Guinea Pig Ahead!

Guinea Pig Pen Alive and Well (& Fat)

Warm soak

Hot Wash Spin & Defurred Option


Spin Dry

Hung out to Dry

The End - Ouch!

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