Wednesday 6 August 2008

Slideshow - maps and statistics

Here is a short Powerpoint slideshow of the Northern Andes stage of the trip - maps with routes, altitude profiles and cycling statistics.
Click on "view presentation" below the box to take you to Slideshare. Then in Slideshare click the icon "Full" (bottom right of box) to view the full screen. This is faster and will allow you to read the country details.


Nick Parrott - Metanoia Design said...

pete it works fine here, all viewable. but the overall blog takes a while to load..perhaps reduce the number of blog postings displayed on your front page (in settings) so that it loads quick enough for dial up

thanks for yummy soup yesterday :o)

Anonymous said...

We have been reading your blog & are in Cajamarca on our 2 year bike ride. We are wondering about the 4x4 road from Huandoval to Corongo (just south of Pattasca). We would like to take it but have not been able to find info. about it. Do you know anything about it.
Please contact us at soon. Thank you, Ralph/Pat

velaia said...

Hey, thanks a lot for sharing your information and especially the route and altitude profile! My father and I are cycling about the same route these days, too. Fortunately we're having a lot less rain, so the roads seem to be better.
We've come from the Ecuador - Peru border crossing yesterday and are in San Ignacio right now.
Hope you're recovering fast from your accident and that you'll continue the tour some day!

All the best,

Daniel y Elmar Lang,