Saturday 7 November 2009

ARGENTINA San Martin-Bariloche-El Bolson (Nov 4-15)

Map of our route from Paso Hua Hum to Trevelin

Over the Andes into Argentina met another spell of violent westerly winds, sleet and rain. Held up in San Martin de Los Andes for 2 days and Barliche for another 2 days.
Now in El Bolson and the weather has cleared. Fine sunny spring weather. At last!

We camped just beyond Argentianian customs - soft rain fell overnight. In the morning the wind got up just as we set off and blew sleet and snow at us. Luckily, we were protected in the deep coigue forest of Lanin National Park. But we had to struggle with the bikes on some very steep climbs. Initially we followed the shore of Lake Lacar but after 15kms climbed to 1040m. Then, in the bitter cold wind my trusty Schwalbe tyre blew. Spinning for over 15,000 kms on three continents on this tyre so not too bad. Now we are left without a spare tyre.

Some of the scenery when we emerged from the forest and into th open woodland above San Martin de Los Andes.

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Hey there I loved this part of Chile, especially what I remember as Laguna Verde, perhaps there's lots of them, but fantastic cold fresh swimming..beautiful photos Pete...we're into a little bit of warmth and then back to 14-15-16 days, while it's been 42 in Melbourne and Adelaide..crazy stuff.
Keep well lots of love Jo