Sunday 1 November 2009

CHILE Pino Hachado-Paso Hua Hum (Oct 24-Nov 3)

Map of our route in the Araucaria region of Chile

The main road from Lonquimay to Temuco goes through this old leaky railway tunnel cutting through the Sierra Nevada. 5kms long but only wide enough for one-way traffic. Bicycles aren´t allowed through so the guards at the entrance asked the driver of a pick-up to take us through.

In the back of the pick-up- the light at the end of the tunnel.

Volcan Lonquimay, on the only fine day of our 10-day sojourn in Chile.

Volcan Lonquimay with its halo cloud.

We cycled into Conguillo National Park but the northern road was blocked by snow so we tried to climb over the other access road on the slopes of Volcan Laimay. Heavy rain fell for 2 days so we gave up and returned to the main road to Temuco and onto Villarica.

We found this lovely campsite under this old majestic Nothofagus, or coigue tree and beside this clear stream. We spent 2 nights here just outside the park waiting for the rain to exhaust itself.

After a rest day in Villarica...more rain followed us east through the lake district. We found a great little campsite by Lago Pangupulli. Free camping is hard to find here as fences line the roads and landowners are very territorial.

Rio Fuy in full force just west of Nehume

An interesting structure - moss and stone in a Tolkenesque volcano. It´s actually a hotel designed by a German architect.

Rain continued unabated to Puerto Fuy. Stayed overnight in a hospedaje by Lago Pirehueico and the next afternoon took the ferry up the lake towards Paso Hua Hum and the Argentinian border. It was very cheap - 3000 pesos each ($6) bike + passenger.
Unfortunately, a misty rain fell on the 2 hour voyage and we only caught glimpses of forest, mountains and waterfalls through the thick curtain of mist.

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HOLA PETER AND JUDY: mis queridos amigos quiero felicitarlos por la UNION de estar juntos y salvos, por la FUERZA de vencer cuantos obstaculos se les presente en el camino, por la INTELIGENCIA, para planificar la estrategia de hacer este viaje, por la SALUD de uds y de nuestro planeta, promoviendo la buena concervación de nuestro ecosistema y biodiversidad.
FUERZA UFIS. estamos con Uds