Sunday 15 June 2008

Cordillera Huayhuash May 31 - June 5

Left my bike in Huallanca and spent 5 days trekking in the Cordillera Huayhuash.
Hitched a lift on a truck heading to the Mitsui mine. My first view of the cordillera as we came over a pass on the pampa.

Viscacha (alpine hare) among the boulders

Meadow and stream below the peaks near Laguna Carhuacocha

Dawn near L. Carhuacocha

4 year old Quechuan girl doing push-ups near her house above Laguna Carhuacocha. Uno, dos, tres......

Mt. Jirishanca 6094

Reflections in Laguna Siula

Reflections Laguna Quesillococha

Condor flying above the rocky cliffs

Waterfall and ice

Melting glacier. The glaciers in this cordillera have shrunk by 50% in the last 20 years.

Another sign of global warming - glacier lake and floating ice

Laguna Mitacocha at dawn

Mt. Yerupaja 6617m in dawn light (the second highest peak in Peru)

Jirishanca, Yerupaja Chico and Laguna Siula

Siula Grande 6344m, the peak made famous by Joe Simpson in 'Touching the Void'.

My high camp at 4850m - you can see my tent in the far bottom right of the photo. Great views of Siula Grande across the valley.

My trekking companions for a day. L to R - Susana & Lukas (Czech), Tom (Belgium) and Lucho (Argentina).

Alpine flowers

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