Monday 16 June 2008

Unlucky break- end of Andean journey Part 1

Unlucky Break - the end of the road. 30kms north of Huanuco on a very rough section of road I had a very nasty fall and broke my collarbone. Covered in dust, bleeding from elbow to knee and squirming in pain I was picked up off the road by some passengers from a passing bus and taken to Huanuco hospital. The next few days are a bit of a blur but I managed to get my bike and gear on an overnight bus to Lima, crossing the Andes one last time.

Mis amigos en Lima. Two weeks earlier I met some Peruvians in Cabana exploring ancient Incan roads in remote Ancash. I contacted one of them, David, in Lima and they helped me with my bike and luggage and got me on a flight home. Gracias por todo - David, Isaac , Carlos (the marathon man), Rodriguez (el huesero) and (doctor and nurse at the clinic). I'll see you all in May next year!

David and Carlos Bravo

David, Pete & Isaac

I'm resting at home, Hobart Tasmania. We have decided to return to Peru in May next year to complete the Andean ride. I'll have to locate that fateful stretch of boulder-strewn and dust-clouded road so I can pick up where I left off. Until then, I'll complete this blog, get some work teaching English in Tasmania, dreaming of Andes Part 2 - another cycling sojourn.


boracho said...

Oh ! peter! itai !
we suprised your accident.
now are you OK?

Unknown said...

Wow, we´re sure sorry about the bad break! Hope you´re healing well.

We found your blog and are probably planning to follow your Peru route in July (we're riding in Ecuador right now). Would sure appreciate it if you could send us an email on the contact link on our site. Can't figure out how to send you an email on this site.

Thanks, and hoping you're doing well.. hope to meet you on the road. You're an inspiration.

-Randy and Nancy